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Best Affiliate Marketing Services In Delhi, India

Affiliate marketing has become a vital component of the digital marketing business where four significant players get into the scene;- Advertiser, publishers, consumers, and agencies. As the best affiliate marketing agency in India, we can bring external traffic and sales lead to your business.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Services

affiliate marketing services

Low cost - Affiliate marketing services do not require having a full-fledged marketing team. Rather than keep your dependence on the affiliate partner, RMPro provides all affiliate-related services at the cheapest price as a full-fledged affiliate marketing company.

Increased competitive advantage - Affiliates promote your business among a large user base, whether those users convert into customers or not- Your brand gets better visibility and ensures a competitive edge.​

Easy Starting and Managing:- All parties get easy setup and management in affiliate marketing services.

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Why Choose RMPro?

We have a team of experts, leaders, and enthusiasts who do know work for the sake of work; they work as they love to work. This working environment brings deliverable results.

We do not use the “one size fits all” principle. Our Customized affiliate programs exactly match your business goals and objectives.

We have the capability and experience for taking your business to multiple parts of the world. Thus global outreach is ensured through various affiliates networks.

We promise the lowest price without any compromise on quality and performance.

We follow an integrated approach where technology, analytics, human resource, and artificial intelligence achieve desired targets.

We undertake 100 % ROI-based campaign planning, real-time optimization, and much more.

affiliate marketing services

How does Affiliate Marketing works?

Affiliate marketing in India is also called a referral program where a fixed or paid flexible amount as commission after the success of a transaction. It is also known as an advertising affiliate Internet program. It has turned out to be the most cost-effective and efficient way to drive online revenue for the business in the recent past.

Businesses selling products/services look for affiliate marketing in India to get help in their program. The program involves caller advertisers, affiliate marketers, and affiliate facilitators.

Under affiliate marketing in India, companies pay others to advertise their products or services for sales generation. Many affiliate marketing in India work based on commission, so a business doesn’t need to pay upfront. Once the transaction gets complete, the company pays the affiliate marketers.

Our Approach

All around help in selecting the right affiliate networks for your business.

Developing strategies for affiliate marketing that meets your business goals.

Setting up the right affiliate program with the best affiliate marketers India.

Promoting affiliate programs.

Periodic review of the existing affiliates

Setting up data feeds for all affiliates in one place.

Bringing new, effective, and innovative affiliates for your business.

Establishing communication channels between affiliates regular basis.

24 x 7 customer supports with best affiliate marketers India.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Services in India

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Under this marketing model, any connection doesn’t exist between the affiliate and product/service provider. Let’s say you’ve got a website where you review electronic products. You brought product “X” from “Y” company and liked the product.

You recommended your website visitors to purchase that “X” products. Later the company “Y” found that their sales increased due to your production recommendation on your website. So the seller gives incentives or perks of various types.

Related Affiliate Marketing

As the name suggests, a formal or informal type of connection exists between affiliate marketing companies and the product/services seller in this marketing model.

The affiliate uses its influence and expertise to generate traffic and authority for the websites.

Most of the affiliate programs found on the internet come under this category. Affiliate marketers suggest that people purchase a particular product in various ways.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

Here a deeper connection exists between affiliate marketing companies and product/service providers. Here, affiliate marketers use the products/services and recommend buying the products with more commissions.

It is beneficial for all the stakeholders of affiliate marketing. Potential customers get good information and help in making a purchasing decision. Marketers earn a commission without a reputation risk as they don’t recommend sub-standard products/services for the sake of their brand.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

Internet is full of top affiliate marketers in India, earning handsome revenue from various sources. The business run affiliates programs, and the affiliate marketers use that program to earn commission and other perks. When it comes to examples of affiliate marketing, these five companies are superseding others on various fronts.

best affiliate marketing agency

This e-commerce giant runs the world’s most extensive affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, publishers, creators, social media influencers, small business owners, and more. The company offers flexible affiliate marketing programs. Once the application is approved, the affiliates earn up to 10 % commission for every qualified sale.

best affiliate marketing agency

Etsy is another online marketplace selling vintage and other unique goods. The company uses multiple ways to promote its products, including affiliate marketing. Here commission rate varies, and top affiliate marketers in India need to abide by the terms & conditions of the affiliate program.

best affiliate marketing agency

Skillshare offers an affiliate program for all, bringing revenue for them on various online courses offered on its platform. The affiliate earns a commission for bringing paid subscriptions or free trial signups. Top affiliate marketers in India get a real-time dashboard to keep track of everything in one place.

best affiliate marketing agency

HostGator offers an affiliate program in the domain hosting business. Its affiliate programs have unique selling propositions like tired commission scale, expert support, good promotional page, and more.

best affiliate marketing agency

eBay gives commission and credit for sharing information and for help in getting products/services sold. The commission rate ranges between 1% to 4 %. Furthermore, eBay doesn’t commission charity items, special promotion items, and other low-revenue products to top affiliate marketers in India.


Affiliate marketing is a marketing model that relies on a pay-on-performance compensation structure. It involves brands, affiliate partners, affiliate technology providers, affiliate marketing agencies, and consumers.
Under this marketing model, brands or businesses pay people to bring leads for them. It brings wonder when taken with proper strategies. Your affiliate partner attracts customers, and you pay a commission once the transaction gets successful. So one business can have multiple affiliate partners, and they’re bound to pay when sales occur.

Affiliate marketing agencies effectively manage all the hunky-dory of affiliate marketing and connect with the right people at the right time.

They quickly set up the campaign and adopt various advanced ways to expand your affiliate networks. Besides, affiliate marketing experts bring fresh ideas to explore more ways to generate leads. Getting affiliate marketing agencies also ensures detailed reports based on various performance metrics.

Any business can choose to have affiliate partner programs for increased sales and getting other benefits. Companies of every size, shape, and industry choose it; however, these sectors witness more affiliate programs.

  • Insurance
  • Tour & Travel
  • Retail business
  • Educations sector
  • Subscription services
  • Direct to consumer service
  • Online Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty/skincare/haircare/fitness
  • Entertainment and showbiz
  • Hospitality and
  • And many others

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based system that means you only have to pay when the final sales happen. So as an advertiser, you don’t need to spend a penny on advertising.

Furthermore, every affiliate marketer always possesses a good visitor base, so your brand surely fetches more eyeballs whether you do the transaction or not.

Brands get a more substantial online presence that further translates into increased website traffic. If there is a physical store, it also receives more footfalls for purchase, queries and collaboration, and more.

Affiliate marketing is generally adopted to drive more traffic and increase sales. But for that purpose, you need a service of India's best affiliate marketing service. We at RMPro, help you in optimizing your affiliate marketing program by:-

  1. Analyzing customer and revenue data
  2. Choosing the best brand/business for your affiliate advertisement
  3. Constant lookout for new and promising affiliate programs
  4. Keeping a close watch on best affiliate methods adopted in the industry
  5. Adopting customized affiliate marketing strategies matching with your business

To get to know more about our best affiliate programs, call/email/chat us now.

First of all, let us be clear about the requirement for money. You don’t need to spend any amount to be an affiliate or give your affiliate link to others. Promoting affiliate links on multiple platforms is free of cost (mostly). However, you require an excellent affiliate marketing service in India to help you find the right niches and audience base.

Get in touch with top affiliate marketers in India, such as RMPro, and we will guide you on what and why affiliate marketing.

  1. Flexibility to work from anywhere in the world
  2. A good way to general passive income once the transaction get successful
  3. Option to choose own working schedule
  4. Great way to gain a wide range of experience
  5. No high investment is required
  6. Does not require persona selling
  7. Free from shipping, customer service, and other hassles

The commission rate varies based on various factors, but it ranges between 10 % to 50 %. Once someone signs up for the affiliate programs for any brand, they get to know multiple terms and conditions of the commission, including rates.

Good affiliate marketers also negotiate the commission rate to brands for getting more percentages.

We provide custom-made affiliate marketing services to businesses of all sizes. We look out for trending affiliate marketers and get on board with you to bring sales and brand value. 

A digital marketing company works as a bridge between businesses and affiliate marketers. We take care of everything in this segment, making it highly beneficial for your business.

Yes, affiliate marketing is very successful; still, there is tremendous income potential to tap for top affiliate marketers in India. Various websites are operational only for selling affiliate products.

Millions of people use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to earn handsomely by sharing affiliate links.

Whether you’re a business or an affiliate marketer, the current time is best to dive deep into affiliate marketing. 

It could be just a thing your brand need. Feel free to connect with us.


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