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Bulk SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing is easy to use, and one of the most effective marketing tools available for all sorts of business. Therefore, High penetration of mobile phones and low internet charges has paved the way for more and more focus on SMS marketing. Under SMS marketing, you can avail service of RMPro for sending and communicating with your customers, users, and others about offers, updates, reminders, and much more

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We have been providing SMS marketing services for a long time; we had the experience of sending a message in bulk. The team of highly trained staff performs work in our company to send advertising and promotional messages to the customers. The services are affordable for even a common person. The team consists of different members for different purposes, for they can do it because of their expertise. Our sole purpose is to convey the message at a low price and low failure rate.

SMS Marketing Service Provider In India, Reach Your Target Audience

Q) Are you willing to send promotional messages?
Q) Don’t you want to spread awareness about your products?
Q) Do you want people’s attraction towards your products?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, it’s time to get in touch with our customer service team to know more about SMS marketing. Call us now and get exciting offers on service with the best results.

SMS servicing has been one of the mediums of connecting with people across the globe. SMS marketing is sending messages in the form of text regarding any company and services offered by you. It is a well-known fact that people possess different mobiles, electronic gadgets, tabs, etc. That high usability of digital devices makes SMS marketing very effective.

It is used in connecting with customers quickly without much investment. With high penetration of mobile and low tariffs, it has become one the easiest source of spreading awareness about products. Thorough, this service latest updates are sent regarding products. If you are willing to make a strong customer relationship, it becomes a wonderful tool.

If you’re looking forward to reaping the benefits of SMS marketing in the best possible way- RMPro has a solution for that. We provide bulk SMS marketing services at a cost-effective price all over India.

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Why Should You Choose RMPro As A Preferred SMS Marketing Partner?

Reliable, fast, and secured technology implementation

Easy to use and user-friendly SMS marketing service

Teamwork for an outstanding experience

Trust, familiarity, and experience in multiple industries

Extremely competitive prices

Widest Range Of SMS Marketing Service Only With RMPro

Promotional SMS marketing

Since marketing is one of the easiest ways of making awareness of products/services, our team of experts performs duties with almost perfection for specific tasks. The target is to send a promotional message to suit the need of the clients. Whether you’re launching new products or opening new physical stores, you may spread this good news to your customer through promotional SMS service.

Transactional/shopping SMS marketing

Alert messages are important for your customer privacy and satisfaction. One of the best things about our service is that messages are sent even in the DND numbers. Never we become failing in sending messages on time.
Even if you’re into brick and mortar business or have a physical store, you can avail of our SMS marketing service. We integrate our API with the existing sales software and the system automatically sends messages to the customers regarding shopping or any other updates related to that.
You must have noticed that most businesses ask for a mobile number and email id when you make a purchase. That is just to send SMS and emails concerning business. RMPro provides all types of SMS marketing services.

What Do We Provide In Bulk SMS Marketing Services?

Bulk SMS campaign service – Send personalized messages to thousands of bulk mobile users with best-in-class delivery confirmation, 20 + languages, schedule/stager features, and more.

SMS attachments service – Under this service, you can insert PDFs, spreadsheets, hyperlinks, images, and much more for grabbing the customer’s attention.

Delivery and click reports – SMS marketing will not be effective unless you have granular clink metrics and real-time SMS delivery reports. We provide a dashboard that gives you easy access to all the required reports in one click.

Mobile engagement – For better customer engagement and attention, use surveys, forms, and much more through our innovative SMS marketing service.

WhatsApp API service – WhatsApp has become the preferred way to interact with customers through images, videos, graphics, texts, etc. We provide an API service where you can send important updates, offers, notifications, and more by simply automating the WhatsApp messages.

SMS API integration – Automatically send and receive SMS in over 20 languages from any websites, applications, web portals, CRM, and more.

Missed call numbers – Managing inquiries, feedback, leads, complaints, and more gets easier with missed call service. Customers give a call to the number and receive the auto-replies based on predetermined criteria.

Why Should Every Business Choose SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing services are not easy for people not aware much about that. But the truth is, it's easy and simple when you choose the leading SMS marketing service provider in India. Through this service, you can have the best advertisement solution through messaging. Our wonderful team of experienced is always ready to focus on sending a message and execute the services among.

Fast and better customers engagement

SMS marketing provides you with the best marketing messaging service. We have advanced systems and experience of many years in providing SMS services. We are always prompt in providing you services for sending a message on time. We are never forcing you to select our services. Primarily, in the digital world where men are dependent on the internet, we invite you to test our sample before selecting us.

Brand awareness and reputation management

Through SMS marketing, you can make your company brand resulting in increased sales. By availing it, you get connected to so many customers in a short time. More than 90% of people are carrying cell phones today; it is very easy to convey messages in the form of texts with the help of SMS servicing. The SMS brings spreads a good reputation about the business resulting in inbound leads and a high conversation rate. It complements the other marketing efforts.

Why Choose RMPro For SMS Marketing In India?

Better brand recognition

When you choose us, you can communicate with millions of customers spreading across India in a fast way. People will be well aware of the products you are offering to them. This service will help your product increase. The messages sent are well decorated and will be more attractive.

Lowest price, best service

Our messaging service is within your budget. Most of the clients are always suspicious of the cost of services. This is offered to people of all strata. Messaging is a very low investment service.

High delivery rate

It is well-known fast that people have been surfing on the phone for a long time; it is always worth communicating by messaging. It is helping in making the positive relationship between customer and the company. Once the message arrives in people’s hands, they are sure to look at the message.


To avail SMS marketing, look for a good company such as RMPro. Through SMS marketing, you can advertise your products or services. Text messaging is also used for collecting the votes of clients. The service includes text and codes to win the clients' trust.

Text messaging is effective because it sends messages in very little time. The responses of this service and delivery of message on time make it more effective. It doesn't require any net connection, so it is convenient for everyone.

Yes, a business can schedule the day and time and many more other customization in their SMSs. Besides that, you can include the website address, online contact us form, email id, and more for the customer to get in touch with you for a better understanding of the promotions.

It is not expensive. The prices vary based on multiple factors. No. of character in the message, a total number of target users, customization, delivery report, SMS dashboard, and others make the service costly or affordable. With us, you can always be sure about high-quality service at a low price.

It is primarily text-based. So the main things which can be sent are words. You can send your links through messaging as well. By spending some more you can avail our WhatsApp messaging service. In that case, we sent images, PDF files, videos, and other types of files to the customer through WhatsApp.

We’re a complete digital marketing company providing website design, website development, SEO, content marketing, graphics designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization service, video marketing, and more.

Yes, you need specialized software for that purpose. But a good SMS marketing Service Company does not ask you to do anything. You just provide an idea about the SMS and mobile numbers (if available) to us.
Even if you don’t have a mobile number database, you can contact us. We provide a complete SMS marketing service.

If you’re choosing it as a transaction or shopping notification purpose, it should be sent as and when the specific actions are done by the customers. For the promotional purpose, two or three times a month is considering a good frequency. You can send more SMSs to the same customer as the network provider may push the messages to the spam and customer also feel irritated.

It could be just a thing your brand need. Feel free to connect with us.


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