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Social Media Optimization Services (SMO)

In the past 2 decades, the search engine has become the most potent force to drive business growth. Being on the internet is not enough as users do not use their time and efforts for going to other pages of search engines. Being on the first page is possible when the right mix of SMO strategy is adopted under proper professional guidance. RMPro has a team of SMO experts that use white hat Social Media Optimization Services (SMO) techniques that brings short-term as well as long-term benefits. Users get an improved experience, and your website remains compliant with the search engine’s guidelines.

SMO strategy where experts use social media networks for generating leads and prospects. Besides that, it increases brand awareness to large masses. Moreover, it is possible to target the market based on demography, gender, age, device use, and more.

Why Social Media Optimization Services Is Important?

Keyword research : We work on bringing out the most efficient keywords by going deep into your industry segment. After collecting the information about products, and services we imply the correct set of keywords for higher ranking on the web.

Competitor analysis : Getting an edge without knowing the ins and outs of competitors is slightly difficult. We endow you with our competitor's keywords analysis, backlinks, and finest optimization tactics.

In-depth analysis : Our SMO experts know the importance of a mix of ways to bring relevant traffic to your website. Under detail analysis, our team does traffic reporting, onsite optimization, rank tracking, and much more.

Social Media Optimization- A Promising Way To Take Your Business At Greater Heights

Q) Do you want people to tweet about your business on Twitter?

Q) Do you want to go viral through Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and other places?

Q)Do you want to hire the best talent and get to create a mark in B2B on LinkedIn?

Q)Do you want people to pin your product’s images on Pinterest?

The answer to all these questions is YES, it’s time to choose RMRPo- the best SMO agency in India for getting all these results. Social media has become the driving force for businesses to reap multiple benefits in the last decade.

Better brand visibility and recognition – When you choose the best SMO company in Delhi, customers find your products or services while browsing the social media platforms. More eyeballs bring more leads, and later you may convert them into sales. There are over 4.5 billion people on social media spending hours and hours on learning, entertainment, and more. 

Low cost, high return – SMO solutions are not costly as compared to the traditional mode of advertisement. Even a small business running on a tight budget may choose it. Well-planned SMO marketing is easy to set up and wrap up.

Instant engagement – With a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram reels, you engage with the target market and maintain positive relations with customers through like, share and comment on posts brings free of cost SMO marketing to you

Traffic increase to the website – Through social media, brands guide traffic to the original websites. Let’s say you created a curiosity among users and guided them well to browse the website for more information. Getting this organic traffic enhances search engine ranking as well.

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Social Media Optimization


Competitor Analysis

Under competitor’s analysis, we find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competition concerning social media accounts. We choose the best promising social media optimization services platforms matching your business and make a customized plan for that. Whether it's LinkedIn or Instagram, our SMO specialist team never misses creating viral content in the form of text, videos, images, Gifs, Infographics, and more.

SMO Strategy Building

Do you know around 3.5 billion people are on social media worldwide? The figure is around half of the world population. But tapping those users on various platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more requires professional SMO strategies. We build robust social media strategies for increasing followers on the social media pages besides attracting new customers and keeping the existing customers engaged.

Hashtags Creator

Do not underestimate the power of the hashtag. A viral hashtag has the power to totally revamp your business and take it to the position, you did not expect. We use our in-depth knowledge and vast experience to create catchy, engaging, unique, and vital hashtags for different social media accounts.

Social Media Posting

Keeping the social media optimization services lively with consistent posting is a challenging task. There are many platforms and creating relevant content for all of them requires an experienced hand. We may become your trusted social media partners. Our SMO experts team creates all types of content and posts it on our client's social media pages. What's more? The SMO specialists team also engages with the audience for better reach.

Beat The Competition With Top Notch SMO Service in India

What if your potential customers are on LinkedIn and you're working on Instagram? Choose us as your preferred business partner to understand your target audience. As experienced social media marketers, we study the business models and develop the best platforms and SMO strategies for you. Above all, we make visually appealing, customized, and unique content matching the trends for the business. This way, your posts get more shares, thus bringing multiple benefits.
Did you know over 65 % of people use social media platforms for something other than fun? With us, you remain on top of the completion and get good business growth.

Dedicated social media optimization team

Every team member has long years of experience, deep knowledge, good understanding, and a zeal to serve the customers in the best SMO soltions.

Use of tools

We don't just rely on humans; we use machines for digging deep into data for social media campaigns. These tools save time and assist us in supplying satisfactory results.

Fast results- guaranteed

There is no time wastage with RMPro. You outsource your social media work and see the results quickly.


Our SMO marketing service is quality-oriented yet affordable for businesses of all sizes, types, and segments.

What do we do for your business?

  1.  Make a thorough SMO strategy covering every aspect
  2.  Particulate in the conversation via comment, message, email, tweet, and more
  3.  Social media posting on a regular basis
  4. Blog, article, and other text-based content development for high shareability
  5.  Tag simplification and bookmarking work
    6. Creation of engaging, unique, and shareable content customized for every social media platform
  6. Customer ratings/review system
  7. Page creation if not exists and optimization

Choose Us And Get Customized SMO For Various Social Media Platforms

Facebook SMO

Brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, conversation rate increase, sales increase, store visits

Instagram SMO

Awareness, app installation, high probability of being viral, video views, high conversation rate, increased followers

LinkedIn SMO

Content sponsorship, sponsored InMail, help in hiring, text ads, B2B engagement.

YouTube SMO

Video marketing, advertisement, brand awareness, website traffic increase

Twitter SMO

Earn new followers, app installation, awareness increase, better engagement, traffic increase, and more.

Pinterest SMO

Image sharing, traffic increase, high conversion rate, awareness increase

Google SMO

High ranking, brand awareness, store visit, online sales, lead generation

Why Should You Prefer Us For SMO Services

As a leading social media optimization company in India, We assure loyalty, low price, a highly experienced SMO experts team, transparent reporting, and great time management towards work.

Highly reliable, dedicated, experienced, and the trained customer service team remain available 24 x 7 for all your queries, feedback, and complaints.

We assure high visibility across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

We deliver customized SMO plans that match your business needs, budgets, and all other parameters.

Acquiring new customers/visitors automatically as we adopt rigorous SMO campaigns across multiple platforms.


Being ignorant of social media is a suicidal tactic for any business. Over 90 % of big companies have a presence there, and they're reaping benefits. People are there, competitors are there, and that is enough for you to tap it. 

Making new and potential customers along with brand awareness is easy through them. 

There are no good or bad social media platforms. All the top 10 have millions of active users. Generally speaking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quorra, etc., are some of the best business places. Alternatively, call our customer service team at the best SMO agency in India for customized service. 

Yes, you get a dedicated manager for handling your account with RMPro. The manager works as a representative of your business and does everything required to grow your business.

It is proven beyond doubt that all the search engines give importance to backlinking, social media sharing, and awareness. Moreover, you also direct social media users to your website bringing a good number of organic searches without much effort.

Websites getting consistent traffic are ranked high as search engines presume that website is adding value to the users.

Yes, it's possible to target a particular city through SMO.  We use the paid and unpaid features of social media to make you reach your target audience.

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Youtube
4. Instagram
5. Linkedin
6. Pinterest
7. Google
8. Whatsapp
9. Snapchat
10. Wechat
11. YouTube
12. Skype
13. Qzone
14. Telegram
15. Line
16. Viber
17. Reddit
18. Stumbleupon
19. Snapfish
20. Tumblr
21. Flickr
22. Mixi
23. Wayn
24. Vero
25. Meetup

We offer comprehensive SMO packages matching every business's needs. Based on your consideration, we also make customized packages.

Yes, you can get 1 million and more followers through the SMO service. Based on your social media goals, we make a plan for you. We’ve already achieved this milestone for others clients. Feel free to connect.

It could be just a thing your brand need. Feel free to connect with us.


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